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In Paul, the Apostle of Christ, Paul suffered a Roman prison, waiting for action under Nero. Mauritius, an ambitious military officer, can not see what threatens this man to break. Who was King Saul of Tarsus, a violent and terrible Christian leader. Now his faith in Rome rises. In serious danger, Luke the elderly Paul was entertained and cared for.- And Paul’s questions, writings and pressures to the growing community of believers. In the midst of Neros without persecution, the men and women will beThis spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ and changes the world.

His story includes Paul, explained by Faulkner, of the most resurgent Christian persecution against the most influential apostle of Jesus Christ. PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST, is the story of two men. Luc, as a friend and doctor, was at risk of his life when he was away from Rome to visit Paul, held at Nero’s nearest prison and leg. From where Nero decided to get rid of the Roman city of Christians and not let them do the right way. Life evictionPaul, Luke decided to write another book, a book that describes the beginning of “the way” and the birth of what would be known as the church. Links in the chain, Paul was fighting inside. He suffered the most bitter, sink, fear, left, hungry and thirsty, cold and warm – but as he was waiting for an appointment with death, he was raped by the shadow of past negligence. In the dark, he is astonished if is forgotten. Address, address and if it has the power to complete.Two have fought against the authority’s position and the weakness of the human soul to live the gospel.

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